Welcome to the forgotten Dream Project

In collaboration with the South Central Los Angeles non profit A Place Called Home, the Forgotten Dream Project seeks to address the needs of low income women in the South Central area of Los Angeles.

Through The Forgotten Dream Project, micro grants are provided to women who are ready to take the first step towards fulfilling a long forgotten dream, providing hope when perhaps all seems lost. We seek to uplift one personʼs life at a time, which in turn will uplift the energy and lives of those around them. We seek to encourage women to discover the extraordinary gifts and strengths they possess no matter how much of their life has been lived without that knowledge.

We seek to inspire women in the midst of struggle to keep believing in themselves and
the possibilities of life We build awareness that women can empower other women to create a better life.

the forgotten dream project.
helping women remember the dreams they forgot.

A Message from Lisbeth:
When I was in my late teens I traipsed across the country with one suitcase and lots of dreams. Los Angeles took me in. We struggled with each other for a while but then I found my place. This city opened up  so many things to me…most importantly my voice. The  City of Angels guided me to the right people and projects and gave me wings to fly. The Forgotten Dream Project is my way of giving back to a city that has brought so many angels to my doorstep…many of them women!! I am sure each one of us has experienced those troubling moments in life in which we don’t know where to turn. In my life, I was guided through those times by the kindness of strangers who saw something in me worth nurturing. This is our chance to be that kind stranger, to be an angel, who with one  gesture changes the course of a life. It’s miraculous and so simple at the same time. We give small grants, between $500 and $2000, to women of any age over 18 who are hand picked by A Place Called Home in South Central LA, one of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles. This money can be used to pay for classes in arts and education that can be the first step in lifting up a life. Bereniece, our first recipient in 2011 whose story is below, is well on the way to changing the world. As a child of immigrant parents who struggled to make ends meet, Bereniece at one point was attempting to support her whole family while going to school. She had an opportunity to intern at a law office, bringing her closer to her lifetime dream of being a lawyer. But she couldn’t afford the bus money to get there. So that’s where we stepped in to give her a small grant that allowed her to participate in the internship. She’s now on her way to law school! The women below are just a few of those who need help. It doesn’t take alot.Sometimes it just take s a gift of $25 to make a huge difference in someone’s life.

When I started The Forgotten Dream project, I had just done a small performance in South Central LA. My “backstage” area was the driveway and while I was waiting to sing, I watched two little girls in the street playing with a broken tennis racket and a deflated beach ball. Something snapped in me.  I still had debt. I had not by any means reached the pinnacle of financial success but I was blessed with so much more than they had and I knew it was time to start giving. I thought of my own mother who never had the opportunity or courage to pursue her dreams. And so many other women. And that was all it took.

The next day I had tea with my dear friend Auny Abegglen and told her of my idea. She whipped out her checkbook and wrote me a check for $500 saying ”There’s your first grant”.  Many more friends followed suit and we were on our way.

So if you feel moved to donate, know that each and every cent you give will be used to make a difference in one life and make the world a little bit better.2011 was our kickoff year and we gave our first grant to Bereniece. From this point on we’d like to give 4 to 5 grants a year to women who are ready to take the next step to lifting up their lives and the lives of those around them.Many thanks for your help and for spreading the word.


Meet Some of Our Potential Candidates

Ellen Harris, AA, mature woman, is the legal guardian raising her grandson Robert Coby. After the tragic loss of her son Ellen stepped in to fill the role of parent for her grandson. She is a hard working woman who does everything in her power to give Robert a good life and education. Ellen currently works at a Community Health Center as center manager. She recently received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and is planning to pursue a master’s degree after a short break. Ellen is a courageous woman and an inspiration to all who know her for her hard work and dedication.

Theodora Marcus-Stewart, AA midlife woman, became a single parent when her husband passed away a couple years ago. She has two sons David and Toby. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree taking online classes at night. Theodora wants to be able to provide for her family and by receiving her bachelor’s degree she hopes to earn a better salary. She is a loving parent and goodhearted person struggling to make ends meet.

Anna Lopez, Latina 30ish, is a single parent raising her two sons Lewis and Allan. She is currently attending school to pursue a nursing degree to create a better life for her sons and herself. She works day and night and is a diligent and caring parent. Most months she barely makes ends meet . We’d like to help a little bit.

Angela Brown is a single parent to a young boy. A Place Called Home has given her child a chance to find friends and learn in a peaceful environment. In one recent meeting she said she felt it was “too late” for her to live the life she wanted and that her only desire was to give her son a chance at a fulfilling future.We’d like to give Angela a chance as well, to take courses , to discover who she is and see what she is capable of. Nineteen years is hardly “too old”….